Artistic nude photography: fine art nudes I'd hang on my wall
Some of my own work and a lot of what I found from other photographers
I'm an artist, photographer, currently living in Barcelona/Spain. My website: Daniel Bauer Art Nude Photography

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Abrazo de Luz by Flor Garduno, Mexico, 2000

Cam Attree: Beachmere, QLD, Australia
Freya Gallows

Carolyn.Los Angeles, California.2014.

I’m across the country at a conference. I sent Ezra this photo and let him spend a little time wondering whether I’d used a self-timer…or whether I’d found a helper to join me in my hotel bathroom.

Photo by Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari for Toilet Paper Magazine

Francesca Woodman
"Ti ecciterai, caro amico, osservando un’immagine, ma non saprai mai che cosa vi è dentro" scriveva la giovane artista…